Glen & Dean Ryan with Kids

The Ryan Family
Growing region: Pemberton / Dandaragan

Collectively, the Ryan family grows the most volume of fresh potatoes in the WA across two growing regions Pemberton & Dandaragan.

Tony (father) and brothers Glen and Dean run the Pemberton potato farm, Craig (brother) grows, washes and packs potatoes under the banner Pemberton Washpacking in both Pemberton & Dandaragan

Collectively, the family annually grow approximately 6,000T of fresh potatoes.

Daniel Taylor

The Taylor Family 
Growing region: Busselton

Led by Daniel, and supported by parents Keith & Paula and brother James Taylor, this family is a leader in the Busselton potato industry, heavily focused on new variety development.

The business employs a soil specialist and agronomist to continually improve agronomy.

This family grows the biggest volume in Busselton and is a key grower for Beta Spuds who supply Coles.

Annually grow approximately 2,000T of fresh potatoes.

Pennie Patane

The Patane Family 
Growing region: Myalup

A vertically integrated family business that grows, washes and packs fresh potatoes under the Patane Produce banner.

Led by Michael (husband), who is a 3rd generation potato grower, and Pennie (wife), this business supplies the independent retail market, Canning vale Markets, and exports carrots to the Middle East and Asian markets.

Annually grow approximately 3,000T of fresh potatoes.

Johnny Omodei

The Omodei Family
Growing region: Pemberton

The family with five members, each running potato growing businesses, this family has a rich history in the Pemberton region, including Paul Omodei who was head of the Opposition Liberal party from 24 March 2006 to 17 January 2008.

The Omodei’s emigrated from Italy in 1915 and moved to Pemberton in 1925 where John Omodei Snr, father of Danny, Paul and John, started planting potatoes.

In 2014 John Omedi celebrated 51 years of potato growing; he is the longest active potato grower in the region.

Collectively, the family annually grow approximately 3,000T of fresh potatoes.



The Castro Family 
Growing region: Myalup

Led by Joe Castro, this family is a power-house business in potatoes and also exports carrots and onions.

Annually grows approximately 2,000T of fresh potatoes.


Mark Kelly

The Kelly Family 
Growing region: Augusta

Led by brothers Paul and Michael, this family is a new breed of fresh potato growers and are the first in the region starting Augusta Margaret River Potato Company.

Established in 2015 to grow Royal Blue during the hot summer months to fill supply gaps when other regions cannot supply the market.

Annually grow approximately 1,200T of fresh potatoes and 1,000T for processing.



The Fox Family 
Growing region: Dandaragan

A family operation run by Mick & Daleys , son David and wife Bronwyn who pioneered growing potatoes in the Dandaragan region on 2008.

They are the region suppliers of the WA market during the July to December period; a cycle opposite to the southern growing regions.

The first family to grow certified seed in the Dandaragan region.

Annually grow approximately 1,000T of fresh potatoes and 1,200T of certified seed potatoes.



The Pessotto Family
Growing region: Myalup and Manjimup

A family operation run by Bob (father), two brothers Frank and Carlo and Bruno (uncle).

They frequent farmers markets in Perth with a range of gourmet and trial varieties no other grower supplies.

Annually grow approximately 1,000T of fresh potatoes.

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