Hints & Tips – Leftovers & Time Savers



  1. Much of the potatoes nutrients lie just under the skin so keep the skin on when you can.
  2. You’ve got better things to do with your time than peel potatoes. So leave the skin on, it’s healthier and tastes great!
  3. Save time by par cooking potatoes first and refrigerating until ready to cook.
  4. If peeling your potatoes, cut leftover skins in strips and brush with olive oil. Bake at 200 degrees until crispy. Season to taste and use as a snack with dip or crumble on soups or salad.
  5. When cooking potatoes in the microwave, prick the potatoes with a fork, both sides. This allows the water content to evaporate and cook evenly.
  6. Use leftover mash potato as a topping for meat pies.
  7. For handy individual mash portions, freeze in muffin tins, pop out then place in airtight bags and place in the freezer. Remove what you need for meals.
  8. Mix your mash with one egg white and place in a buttered casserole dish topped with a breadcrumb crust and shredded or Parmesan cheese. Heat in the oven and serve.
  9. Always cut even size portions so the potatoes cook evenly.
  10. Bake extra roast potatoes and use leftovers for hash browns the next day.
  11. Use the microwave to par cooks your potatoes. This will cut down on oven time.
  12. Want your chips quicker, cut them thinner.
  13. Save the potato cooking water to add to yeast breads. The yeast feeds on the starch. Leftover mashed potatoes also make great bread.
  14. You can freeze any uncooked gnocchi for up to two months by sprinkling each piece with a little plain flour and placing in a single layer, in zip lock bags. When you’re ready, throw the frozen gnocchi straight into the rapidly boiling water.
  15. How to peel a potato with no peeler! After boiling the potato, put into cold water for 5 seconds. Twist the potato skin off with your hands — it should come right off.

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