Hints & Tips – Roast & Baked



  1. When boiling potatoes, always start the potatoes in cold, salted water. If you add potatoes to boiling water, the outside cooks before the inside.
  2. Much of the potatoes nutrients lie just under the skin so keep the skin on when you can.
  3. You’ve got better things to do with your time than peel potatoes. So leave the skin on, it’s healthier and tastes great!
  4. To master the art of the crunchy roast potato, shake par-cooked potatoes in a pot or dish to fluff up the edges before roasting. The more surface area on the potatoes, the more oil they absorb, and the crispier the potato.
  5. Try adding olive oil and curry powder as a mash or roast flavour combo.
  6. Preheat oven with tray before adding potatoes. A hot tray will ensure even cooking and crisp the underside of the potatoes.
  7. Heat your roasting tray with oil before adding potatoes. The hot oil helps crisp the outside of the potatoes.
  8. Save time by par cooking potatoes first and refrigerating until ready to cook.
  9. If peeling your potatoes, cut leftover skins in strips and brush with olive oil. Bake at 200 degrees until crispy. Season to taste and use as a snack with dip or crumble on soups or salad
  10. When cooking potatoes in the microwave, prick the potatoes with a fork, both sides. This allows the water content to evaporate and cook evenly.
  11. Try garlic and rosemary as a mash or roast flavour combination.
  12. Try olive oil for a healthier alternative.
  13. Try mixing in parmesan cheese as a flavour combination.
  14. Try using coconut oil as a healthy alternative.
  15. To speed up cooking time and ensure even cooking time throughout, cook the baking potato on a skewer.
  16. Always cut even size portions so the potatoes cook evenly.
  17. Add seasoning before and after roasting. It tastes great and the salt will help absorb the oil from the roasting pan.
  18. Try adding skin on garlic and sprigs rosemary as a flavour combo.
  19. Bake extra roast potatoes and use leftovers for hash browns the next day.
  20. Uses the microwave to par cook your potatoes. This will cut down on oven time.
  21. Try half olive and half grape seed for a healthier alternative.
  22. Try adding garlic salt as a flavour combination. To make, thinly slice whole head of garlic cloves. Dry roast then set aside to cool. Blitz in food processor with coarse sea salt for 30 sec. Store in airtight container, should keep indefinitely.
  23. Try adding olive oil and sweet paprika as a flavour combo.
  24. Take care to spread potatoes out evenly on a tray. This will help to cook them evenly.
  25. If cooking baked potato in the microwave, after cooking them, wrap them in aluminium foil. Place them inside of an oven mitt for about ten minutes. If you don’t have an oven mitt, you can roll the foil wrapped potatoes in a towel. When you unwrap the potatoes they will have the soft, fluffy texture of oven baked potatoes
  26. Prevent the darkening of a just peeled potato by cooking it immediately or placing it in cold water until ready to use.
  27. If par cooking potatoes before roasting, remove excess moisture by returning potatoes to stove top to further evaporate any moisture.
  28. How to peel a potato with no peeler! After boiling the potato, put into cold water for 5 seconds. Twist the potato skin off with your hands — it should come right off.

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