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Fergus Kavanagh – Blog January 2016

Fergus Ranchi RayI am lucky enough to play hockey in India a couple of times a year both with the Australian Team and also with my Indian franchise the Ranchi Rays. Currently I’m in India playing with the Ranchi Rays. One of my favourite things about going to India is the food. India has such a wide variety of delicious foods which vary so much from region to region.

I love Indian food and any chance to try something new, I jump at the chance. In India we eat a lot of curries and some of these included potatoes curries. Another one of my favourite Indian dishes for breakfast is a Masala Dosa. I describe it as a sort of crepe with a curried potato mixture inside, served with sauces. Back in Australia I like to make a potato and chickpea curry available on the fresh potatoes website, its easy to cook, good for you and tasty!!

Sometimes in India it is hard to eat the normal diet that I would here in Australia. Normally that would not be a problem however when playing sport you are still trying to get a similar nutritional value out of your food. You need enough energy to play everyday and help recovery. Potatoes are great in this regard in India, because they contain complex carbohydrates , which are a great energy source for your body. They are great fuel for games.

Playing hockey in India is an incredible experience. You get a chance to discover a different culture, meet new people and enjoy incredible food. It’s great to see the humble potato spicing things up in Indian cuisine!

You can check when the Ranchi Ray’s are playing from 18 January to 21 February 2016 here.


Georgia Nanscawen – Health Ambassador first potato blog!



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WA Diabetes Matters Spring Lift Out

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Feed the family for less campaign disclaimer

Cost per serve price based on serving size of 75 grams of potato as per Australian Dietary Guidelines (NHMRC), average April 2015 Western Australian potato price of $2.98 p/kilo, average April 2015 Western Australian retail price for all other recipe ingredients and excludes costs for standard pantry items milk, oil, butter, salt, pepper and water.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines potato portion recommendation is 75 grams or 1/2 a medium size potato. Click here for the full report.

The West Australian Mind & Body Lift Out

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Fergus Kavanagh – Blog January 2015

Hi Readers,

Well 2014 has come to an end, and what a thrilling, challenging and hugely rewarding year it was. I’ve played hockey for The Kookaburras for 8 years now, and 2014 has to be one of my most successful years to date; with victories at both the World Cup and Commonwealth Games capped off an incredible year.

Currently I am on ‘Winter break’ in the Dutch Hoofdklasse competition. The Dutch competition has a 3 month break over the winter period as the weather gets too cold to play, and the artificial fields can freeze over. The second half recommences in March with the playoffs scheduled for May. My team, Amsterdam, is well in the mix for play-offs and hopefully a strong second half to the competition will put us in a good position come May.

However, before I could enjoy the ‘Winter break’ I joined my Kookaburra team mates in Bhubaneswar, India, at the start of December for the Champions Trophy. The Champions Trophy is a prestigious international tournament, traditionally played between the top 6 ranked teams in the World every year. My first major international tournament was the Champions Trophy in 2008, and since then I have been part of 5 consecutive winning teams, a record I am extremely proud to be a part of. Unfortunately, we could not win our 6th straight, and lost to Germany in the semi finals. With a young team and a new coach, it was a very encouraging tournament for the Kookaburras. Lots of things to work on and a great learning experience for all involved.

Personally I really enjoyed getting back into the Kookaburras environment after a few months in Europe, and of course playing hockey in India is an incredible experience. Hockey has a massive following in India, an interest that has dwindled since the glory days of Indian Hockey, yet is on the rise again. All the Indian games are played to noisy, enthralled, packed stadiums with an electric atmosphere.

Apart from the hockey, I also really enjoy India for the people and the food. The people are incredibly friendly and happy, and the food is delicious. I love Indian food, and even after two weeks of curry, I still had not had enough. When I first went to India I was surprised at the popularity of the vegetarian curries with dishes including paneer and lentils. Potatoes are also very popular in India and I was eating a particular potato dish for breakfast called Masal Dosa. It is a bit like a savoury crepe, with the filling a potato curry mix, it is accompanied by some sauces and absolutely delicious, I had it nearly every day.

So after two weeks in India I returned to Holland to have Christmas with my girlfriend and her family. Christmas in Holland and Australia are very similar, exchanging gifts and spending time with family and friends. Of course potatoes always pop up at Christmas….a great companion for the turkey, ham, lamb, seafood, or whatever the Christmas tradition may be. In Holland this year, we had small balls of mash potato oven roasted to enjoy with the turkey.

At the start of the New Year I will travel to India for the Hockey India League (HIL) to compete for my franchise the Ranchi Rays. Based on the successful lucrative Indian cricket leagues, the HIL is now in its third year with 6 franchises based around the country.  While I am on break from Australian duties and during the ‘Winter break’ of the Dutch season, it allows me to go to India and play in this month long competition. Unfortunately last year I could not participate because of injury but in the inaugural year of the tournament I competed for the winning team the Ranchi Rhinos. It was an unbelievable experience. We got to travel around India playing at various locations around the country, meet other international players, and get to know the Indian players in my team, some who came from very humble beginnings. The franchise that was the Ranchi Rhinos is now defunct, but the Ranchi franchise was picked up by local Ranchi cricket god Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I look forward to meeting him and seeing if we can organise a cricket nets session with the boys, or maybe after his recent test retirement he is keen to try and get a game for the Ranchi Rays.

My next post will be from India during the HIL. I will have lots to share, including more Indian potato dishes, hopefully some great Indian stories and lots more hockey!



WA Weekender – Potato Special

Nova 937 Easy Peasy Potato Competition


NEW variety Maranca, available soon in WA!

MarancaMaranca is part of a new wave of yellow-flesh varieties soon to be available in Western Australia.


A blind consumer sensory and taste test analysis saw Maranca voted as the top choice scoring most highly for flavour, texture and taste. The variety has delicious characteristics such as creamy, sweet flavour, creamy texture and is lower in carbohydrate content than other potatoes.

Maranca is a trial variety soon to be available in good supply in 2015.

Email to register your interest for interest.


Fergus Kavanagh Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

Its been nearly three months since I arrived in Amsterdam and i have settled nicely into the Dutch way of life. The Dutch hockey season started in September and my team, Amsterdam, has had a mixed start to the season. The Dutch hockey competition, called the ‘Hoodfklasse’, is arguably the best domestic club competition in the world. Ultimately, it was the quality of this competition that attracted me to Holland. Spending time playing hockey abroad also exposes you to different aspects of the game. Just as AFL and rugby influence the way we play hockey in Australia, you can see how soccer influences the tactics and mentality of hockey here in Holland.

My season is Amsterdam had a slight intermission as I returned to Australia for two weeks to play for the Perth Thundersticks in the Australian Hockey League (AHL). The AHL is an annual tournament in Australia showcasing the best hockey players representing their respective states and territories. It is an important tournament for selection of the Australian team, and is always a fiercely competed event. Unfortunately my team lost the final in a shoot-out to the Tasmanian Tigers. However, aside from the disappointment of the final, is was great to be back in Australia. Hopefully 2 weeks of sun in Adelaide can sustain me throughout the cold European Winter.

Once the AHL was complete it was back to Amsterdam to rejoin my Dutch club. As all communication at my club is in Dutch, I thought this is a great opportunity to learn a new language…or try to learn a new language. The Dutch language is hard, but after a few lessons I am making some progress, albeit rather slowly. Lucky for me most people in Amsterdam speak good english. Acclimatising to the cold weather is also a challenge. Coming from Perth where its uncommon to train in a jumper, its not uncommon here to train in full tracksuit, beanie and gloves. Following training its a race to the change rooms to get  under the warm showers. And of course life in Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete if you don’t own a bike. As the principle mode of transport in Amsterdam, its great to see so many people commuting to work and getting around town on bikes. As they say here in Amsterdam, bikes rule the roads.

The cuisine in Holland is also a bit similar to Australia, a mix of styles and regional dishes. Potatoes are really popular here and great value for money. I have seen dishes where potatoes have been used in salads and frittatas, but the most interesting aardappel (potato) dish I have seen  is Stampot. Described as a traditional winter meal, Stampot is a mix of mashed potatoes and vegetables, with a smoked sausage and sauce on top. Although I haven’t cooked it yet, I have tried Stampot and I really like it. During the winter I’m sure I will try and cook  Stampot and add some Aussie flavour to it.

All the best,


photo 2



Fergus Kavanagh is a health ambassador for locally grown Fresh Potatoes. Potatoes are one of nature’s true superfoods – packed full of vitamins and minerals and an great source of essential complex carbohydrates, make sure you serve up some goodness today. Find health facts and recipes at

What a roller coaster year 2014 has been so far, and we aren’t even finished. It has been the most challenging yet rewarding years of my hockey career.

2014 promised to be one of the most exciting years on the hockey calendar. A World Cup in the hockey crazed nation of Holland, followed a month later by a Commonwealth Games in Scotland. However, as we entered 2014 I was battling a back injury that was lingering longer than expected. The injury was initially thought to take a few weeks to get better, but unfortunately I needed a few months to recover. I can appreciate the discipline and perseverance of those with long term injuries much better now. The major focus of my rehab was three pilate sessions a week, and a conscious vigilance about my diet. My ability to exercise was limited so it was crucial I ate well so I was in good shape when I was ready to play again.  As it turned out, I made it back to training with the Australian Team just in time to be picked for the World Cup!

The hockey World Cup is up there with the Olympics in terms of prestige and importance in the hockey community and this years World Cup was going to be special. Held in The Hague in Holland, a hockey pitch was dropped into a first division soccer stadium to accommodate bigger crowds, and create an atmosphere that only the Dutch can provide. And what followed was the best hockey tournament I have ever seen! There are always doubts amongst the team and individuals leading into major competitions. Are we ready? Do we need to do more? And personally after coming back from injury I was hoping to capture my best form for the big tournament. We also dealt with some adversity when two of our players were injured days before the tournament and had to be replaced with our emergency players. However, once the tournament started, I can only describe it as the most complete team performance I have been a part of and seen at a major competition. We won every game, and beat the home nation Holland in the final 6-1 in front of a massive orange crowd. What an incredible experience!

Next stop Glasgow! Just over a month later and we were settling into the Commonwealth Games village as favourites to take out a 5th consecutive gold medal in men’s hockey. Without some of the bigger European power houses, it was believed we would win the tournament easily, but with England, New Zealand,and of course the unpredictable Asian countries, there was some tough competition. We played a good tournament and beat India in the final 4-2 and then received our gold medals on the podium in the pouring rain, it seemed Glasgow wanted to give us a proper Scottish farewell!

After a hectic year with the national team, I have opted for a change of scenery and signed with AH&BC to play hockey in Amsterdam for the season. Playing in Holland allows you to earn some money whilst learning a different playing style and culture. AH&BC have just announced that the new coach will be Alyson Annan. An ex-hockeyroo that experienced all levels of success with Australia in the 90’s which included Olympic gold at Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000. I cant wait to see if and how living in Holland has changed her thoughts about the game and learning from a legend of our sport.

And of course living abroad allows me to enjoy all the culinary delights Holland has to offer. I was thrilled to re-sign as an ambassador for the local potato industry and help address the myths that they are fattening and unhealthy. I’m on the case here in Holland and looking to see how potatoes are used in Dutch cuisine. Traditionally I think potatoes are very popular, you just have to think of the classic tourist walking through Amsterdam with a big container of frites (what we call chips) drowned in mayonnaise. I will be on the search for traditional and new potato dishes and will keep you updated on the recipes I find. I am also looking forward to impressing my Dutch girlfriend with my version of healthy frites in the oven (healthy chips recipe click here)! On a cold winters day I will treat her to some home made gnocchi, and with a tasty cheese sauce (click here to see the video) I’m sure it will become a Dutch favourite!

I’ll be reporting on my hockey career and potato findings each month so keep your eye on the Fresh Potatoes website ( for my updates.



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Olympian Fergus Kavanagh Cooks Gnocchi with Fresh Potatoes


Beta Spuds Proud Supporter of Telethon

Beta Spuds WA is proud to support Telethon in their efforts to financially support the welfare of children and young people and fund research into children’s diseases.

They will gladly donate 5 cents from every bag sold to the Channel 7 Telethon Trust in their continual effort to improve the lives of WA families and children.

The 4kg pack is available in all WA Coles supermarkets, Progressive IGA stores, most IGA and SUPA IGA stores, all good independent retailers and selected Great Greengrocer stores.

Beta Spuds appreciate the continued support of all Western Australian families that enjoy our WA grown potatoes every day.






Dave Carter – Potato Farmer

David Carter_Page_1







David Carter_Page_2

David Carter_Page_3David Carter_Page_4

Spuds night out at Panorama Catering


Potato claims are half baked


Chef Potatodor, Peter Manifis’ delicious Potato and Sausage recipe featured in Coffee Break.

WAN25FEB14TOD1STA012 (jpeg)

Dr Joe and Don Hancey cook with Western Suburbs Weekly

6PR’s Gary Ashead talks with Dr Joe on spuds.

One of the Fresh Potatoes Potatodor Chris Malone has achieved something great

10th January 2014

maloneFresh Potatoes would like to congratulate Potatodor Chris Malone who is officially Australia’s #1 Apprentice Chef winning Australian Culinary Federations National Apprentice Competition. Well done.

Read more

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5th December 2013

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Perfect Potatoes, Every Time

19th November 2013

coverWe’ve selected our favourite potato recipes and developed a neat little Recipe E-Book. Click here to download.


Potatodor Farm Tour

12th November 2013


Over Sunday & Monday 10th & 11th November, Fresh Potatoes invited 10 top West Australian chefs (including 5 Potatodors) on a tour to the Busselton growing region for an up-close and in-depth look into potato farming.

Chefs who attended were:

Don Hancey, Panorama Catering (Potatodor)
Ian Leaning, Figjam Catering (Potatodor)
Raj, Own Manjimup Pemberton Catering and Restaurant Company
Peter Manifis, Incontro (Potatodor)
Shane Saunders, Head Chef Incontro
Dan Masters, Rockpool (Potatodor)
Mohammed Islam, Junior Sous Chef Rockpool
Dan Sharp, Sharp Infusion (Potatodor)
Allison Teed, Vancouver Café
Blair Allen, Studio Bistro Yallingup

The first day the group attended a farm tour and lunch at Keith & Paula Taylor’s farm. The family welcomed the chefs with a potato tasting of three potato varieties, a visit to one of the potato fields to see Royal Blue and Nadine crops and served up an incredible three-course lunch featuring plenty of potatoes and James’s free-range pork.

Sunday night Fresh Potatoes hosted a BBQ at Abbey Beach Resort, which provided growers the opportunity to talk direct to chefs passionate about their industry. All up approximately 40 people attended including 25 growers so a big thank you to those who made it.

The final day the group headed to Vaughn & Elizabeth Carter’s farm where we saw plenty more fields of potatoes and took a ride on the back of a potato harvester. You can watch the video here.

The group then headed back to the Taylors to see Royal Blue seed and Kipfler crops plus check out their brand new harvester that Paula hopes will aid in her retirement plan.

The final stop was lunch at the Carters where Vaughn cooked a BBQ and Elizabeth prepared a wonderful spread of potato salad, baked potatoes, royal blue chips and her famous, naughty potato bake! Elizabeth also spoilt the guests with a chocolate and wine tasting showcasing produce from the region.

Fresh Potatoes would just like to send a special thank you to the Taylor & Carter families your time and generosity truly made this a wonderful event. Also bus driver Larry Hegarty, you were an invaluable source of knowledge and kept everyone safe.

If you would like any more information on the tour, please contact Laura Clarke


Potatoes rebranded as healthy, easy choice in new marketing camapign

17th October 2013 –

The Potato Marketing Corporation has unveiled a new marketing campaign aimed at reversing a decline in potato consumption among young consumers in WA.

The campaign, by Rare, attempts to position potatoes as a healthy and easily prepared meal choice. The campaign is being backed with an ad spend of $1.8 million.

Rare head of strategy, Richard Beards said: “Research showed us that the millennial generation think potatoes are fattening and just too hard to prepare. The reality is that they contain no fat and can be whipped up in no time.”

Click here to read the full article…


Fresh Potatoes Farm 2 Food Royal Show – Chanel 7 News

10th October 2013


Fresh Potatoes Potato Week 30-Sep to 6-Oct

10th October 2013


Sensational Spuds

3rd October 2013

thewestcoverThe Fresh section of The West Australian took an depth look at WA’s Favourite Vegetable on Thursday 3rd October. Click here to read the full edition online.


Fresh Potatoes Launches Campaign at the Royal Show

1st October 2013

The Fresh Potatoes campaign launch went off like fireworks on Tuesday 1st October at the Perth Royal Show.

60 invited guests including West Australian Potato Growers, Washpackers, Veggetables WA, Buy West Eat Best and media joined The Potato Marketing Corporation, Don Hancey as MC and The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Honorable Ken Baston to officially launched the campaign.

“It is now my pleasure to launch the Potato Marketing Corporation’s 2013 Fresh Potatoes Consumption Campaign,” said Minister Baston.

Peter Evans, CEO of the Potato Marketing Corporation said, “The Potato Marketing Corporation is proud to execute the campaign, and three years from now is confident that we will look back at this time, as a pivotal moment in the industry’s history.”

“The campaign is fully funded by potato growers and they are to be commended for their vision and confidence in supporting this strategy. “

Don Hancey MC and lead Potatodor also announced 6 new Potatodors as part of the Food Service Program. “A Potatodor is an ambassador for the WA Fresh Potato Industry. It’s a club. Once you are in.” he said as he crowned each with a Fresh Potatoes apron.

The Potatodors include:

  • Ian Leaning, Fig Jam Catering
  • Ramon Van de Griendt, Mustard Catering
  • Sophie Budd,Taste Budds Cooking Studio
  • Chris Malone, Frasers Restaurant
  • Mark Sainsbury, Hyatt
  • Peter Manifis, Incontro
  • Richard Taylor, Perth Convention Centre
  • Ryan Larsen, The Classroom
  • Stephen Clarke, Clarke’s of North Beach
  • Dan Sharp, Sharp Infusion
  • Dan Masters, Rockpool
  • Don Hancey, Panorama Catering

For more information on the launch event click here.


Fresh Potatoes at the Perth Royal Show

27th September 2013


Fresh Potatoes will be in the Farm 2 Food Pavilion at the Perth Royal Show with a fun potato digging activity and your chance to win an iPad Mini! Red flesh, white flesh, blue flesh and yellow flesh potatoes will be planted in soil-filled troughs so come down and get your hands dirty!

Also, join Fresh Potatoes in the kitchen for free cooking demonstrations on how to make quick, easy and tasty potato dishes that the whole family will love! Our Chef will cook delicious mash potato in under 10 minutes and healthy home made chips you’ll feel good about devouring!

Daily. Duration 30 minutes

Warning: This demonstration may cause hunger but don’t worry, you can can eat everything!


National Potato Week

27th September 2013

Potato Week

It’s national potato week September 30 to October 6!


Students Dig Spuds at Applecross Primary School

19th September 2013

Applecross Primary School was buzzing with excitement as students harvested the school’s first potato crop grown through the Potato Marketing Corporation Seed for Schools.

Vanessa Mann Year One Teacher at Applecross Primary School and coordinator of the Seed for Schools program invited The Honorable Ken Baston, Minister for Agriculture and Food, and Peter Evans, CEO of the Potato Marketing Corporation to help with the harvest.

“The Potato Marketing Corporation is proud to sponsor the Seed for Schools Program. We see this as a great initiative to educating kids about the benefits of potatoes” said Peter Evans.

“Grower funded, the Program provides schools with seed potatoes, educational resources for teachers to use in classrooms, and a monthly e-newsletter with gardening tips and stories of progress from participating schools” said Mr Evans.

“It’s fantastic to see a real agricultural product in a city school where students can make the link between what’s in the ground and what’s on the table.”

Applecross Primary School dedicated an afternoon where students from Year One to Year Seven were invited to plant the seed potatoes. When asked exactly how many students Vanessa said, “In total about 200 students all at different levels of engagement but it will be like the story of the Little Read Hen, when it comes to eating they will all be involved!”

The Minister said he was very impressed with the way the school had approached the program, and that the students would now have a greater understanding of where their food comes from.

Registration for Seeds for Schools is open until the 31st January, 2014 and is free to participate.

For more information contact Rebecca Blackman at



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