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Applecross Primary School

royalshowVanessa Mann, Year One Teacher at Applecross Primary School and coordinator of the Seed for Schools program, opened her classroom to Fresh Potatoes and shared how her school is using the Program. This is the first year Applecross Primary School has participated.

“There are 460 students at the school aging from Kindergarten to Year Seven and all classes were invited to participate in the Program,” Vanessa Mann said.

Applecross Primary School dedicated an afternoon where students from Year One to Year Seven were invited to plant the seed potatoes along with the School’s Gardener. “We also planted chives as a teacher advised they make a good companion plant,” said Vanessa.

“Three Kindergarten Pre-Primary classes have their own allocated seed potatoes, two Year One and Year Three classes participate in other fun potato activities,” said Vanessa.

When asked exactly how many students Vanessa said, “In total about 200 students all at different levels of engagement but it will be like the story of the Little Read Hen, when it comes to eating they will all be involved!”

Vanessa implemented a range of additional tools for students and teachers such as lesson ideas, fun potatoes facts, how to turn a potato in electrical energy and even a link to an online video of ‘The Wiggles, Hot Potato’.

Since planting the School has extended the Program into many subjects such as History, Cooking and Art. “For my Year One class, I baked Nadine, Ruby Lou and Royal Blue potatoes and asked students to describe what the potatoes taste like. In Art, students painted large potatoes and made body parts to bring the potatoes to life,” said Vanessa.

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