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100% Local + Fresh

Western Australia is the only state to proudly deliver fresh potatoes to West Aussies 365 days a year. 68 growers are proudly supplying the freshest, tastiest fresh potatoes in Australia as all the state all other states store potatoes under the ground for long periods to be sold at a later date.

This means tomorrows potatoes are in the ground today with potatoes being able to make it from paddock to plate within 24 hours.

Fresh potatoes imported from SA can take up to 3 days to arrive in WA, meaning high food miles, and a huge burden on the environment.

Buying local is important because it supports local regional economies and farming families, if not supported by consumers WA may lose the freshest produce grown right here in our backyard.


100% Local Club

Western Australian potato growers are proudly supported by major retails committed to sourcing the best, freshest produce grown right here in the state.


To ensure you’re getting 100% local potatoes, purchase fresh potatoes from our 100% Local Club retailers Aldi, Woolworths, Coles and IGA.





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Disease Free Status

WA is one of the only states in the country which does not suffer from PCN (Potatoes Cyst Nematode). PCN attacks the root system of the plant which affects quality and yield. We have the strictest testing regimes in the country for PCN in an effort to make sure we never become affected. All WA potato growers are Quality Assured certified and the entire supply chain is 100 per cent WA-based (seed to plate) to maintain the highest Australian food standards.

South Australia does not have these strict testing regimes in place. Quarantine (AQIS) does not let any potatoes into WA without this testing, in order to ensure the industry remains unaffected.

The best way to keep WA free of plant pests and diseases is to support the industry local. Be sure to purchase your fresh potatoes from a 100% Local Club member Woolworths, Aldi, Coles and IGA.



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